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Getting Married



Q:  Can we get married at Tarporley?

A:  Yes, we’d love you to get married here.  We have three very attractive churches and congregations that love hosting weddings.  In order to get married in a Church of England church, you either have to have a ‘special connection’  (we can let you know what these are) with the chosen church or be a regular worshipper

Q:  What do you mean by regular worshipper?

A:  We do understand that you may live some way away, and may have other commitments at weekends e.g. work shifts.  We do not expect you to attend every Sunday!  However, we would like you to attend a church service at  least once a month for six months prior to your wedding day, if at all possible.  (One of you can attend if you cannot come along together.)   This gives you a chance to get to know the church and the people here; many couples like to bring their parents sometimes so they can see the church too.  It also gives us a chance to get to know you, and answer any questions you may have. 

Q:  What’s the first step now?

A:  Get in touch with our Rector, Jim Bridgman at revjimb1017@gmail.com 

Q:  What happens next?

A:  We will ask you to complete some forms and then The Rector will want to meet you both to listen to and help you with your plans and complete all the legal formalities that are necessary.

Q:  What will the wedding cost?

The fee for the wedding service is agreed by Parliament.  This changes every year and can be discussed when we meet with you.

Q:  What about church bells?  A choir? 

A:  If you want a choir to lead the singing, this can be arranged.  At St Helen’s we have a fine ring of bells and you can also book these.

Q:  Flowers and other practical matters?

A:  Yes, you are welcome to bring and arrange flowers; alternatively you can engage a professional florist. 

We hold a Wedding Preparation Day, usually on a Sunday in February, when we go through many practical details and try to cover all your questions.

Q:  What about music for the service?

A:  We have a church organist who plays at all our wedding services.  The hymns of course are chosen by you; we are happy to make suggestions if you wish.  The organist will also play appropriate music before and after the service (for the entry of the bride, and the procession out afterwards), and during the signing of the register. Our Wedding Preparation Day offers a good chance to meet the organist and choir and hear some of the large variety of music on offer. Sometimes, wedding couples like to invite a singer or musician(s) to perform while the register is being signed.  This can be discussed with the Rector.

Q:  And the order of service?

A: At our Wedding Preparation Day we go through the order, selections of hymns and readings. Your order of service is then created with the Rector's approval, based on your preferences. 

Q:  Confetti?

A:  Yes, we are happy for you to have bio-degradable confetti if you would like.  However, we do ask that your guests throw it as you leave the church grounds rather than in and around the church itself.

Q:  Is there anything else we have to do to make the marriage legal?

A:  No.  The Rector has the same legal powers as the Registrar does at a Registry Office, and you will receive a copy of your wedding certificate immediately after the service. 

Q:  Will there be a rehearsal?

A: Yes – this will be arranged to take place near the wedding.

The rehearsal is about the different roles people play in the service.  We will run through the marriage service, including where you stand and sit during the ceremony.

Q:  Is there anything else I need to know?

A:  We ask that the wedding begins on time. Your guests may have travelled a long way and made an effort to get here on time – and anything longer than a few minutes causes bridegroom great stress!  The Rector, the organist, the choir members and bell ringers are likely to have other commitments following the wedding and may have to leave if a wedding is delayed by more than a few minutes. Our experience is that the whole day runs much more smoothly and happily if the bride arrives in church on time. 

We will be meeting and will be in contact in the run-up to your wedding, and all of the above will be covered, as well as any other questions you might have.

Thank you

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