Tarporley Parish Church

Electoral Roll

Tarporley Parish Churches The Electoral Roll.

The Electoral Roll of our church is a list of people who consider themselves to be members of one of our three churches it is not the same as the Electoral Roll that allows you to vote in government elections.

So if you are not already on the Roll and attend St Helen’s, St Thomas’ or St John’s, even if it is not perhaps as often as you would like, please add your name to our Roll by completing a form (you do have to be over 16 years of age and have been baptised). If you have attended in the past and are now housebound you are still very much a part of our community so please ask for and complete a form.

For  a downloadable copy of the application form please click here

Dr M Kiddle, 1 Woodlands Way, Tarporley. CW6 0TP.