Tarporley Parish Church

Open Worship:St Thomas
1st October 2017
Change of Service Pattern
Sunday October 1st (and every 1st Sunday of the Month)
New Open Worship services at St Thomas’ and St Helen’s
For well over a year now we have been using our Seasonal Orders of Service for all our Eucharistic
Services. These have been well received and have allowed us to enjoy some of the breadth of the
prayers of the Church as well as celebrating more fully the seasons of Christ’s birth, life, death and
resurrection. Having produced new booklets for our services of Communion the Ministry Team and
PCC have, over the last few months been looking at our current family service, held on the first
Sunday of the month at St Helen’s and the fourth Sunday at St Thomas’. With the agreement of all
we have renamed the service Open Worship, produced booklets that allow for greater flexibility of
worship, in the same style and design as our Eucharistic ones and moved both services to the first
Sunday of the month. So, from October 1st Open Worship will be held at 9am at St Thomas’ and at
10am at St Helen’s. The service at St John’s will remain Holy Communion at 11:15am with Evensong
at St Helen’s at 6:30pm. The service schedule in the Parish for the rest of the month remains the
same except that Choral Eucharist will now be sung at St Thomas’ on the fourth Sunday of the
month (instead of the first).


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